The Hors D’Oeuvre Reception

Get married, eat and celebrate!

The Hors D’Oeuvre Reception package at Zinnia is perfect for those on a budget or for those looking for a simple and affordable option to get married and have a small reception with food. The hors d’oeuvre reception includes a ceremony with our officiant, plus two additional hours to celebrate with up to 40 friends and family in our venue as well as appetizers and other small finger foods.  There will be a short “flip” of the room after your ceremony as we bring out tables & linens, a sweetheart table for the newlyweds, place settings and food.  You can even share a first dance as husband and wife!  We’ll also have a wedding coordinator there to help you with all of the details! $795 + $13.95 a person

What’s included?

  • A ceremony with our officiant When you and your guests arrive, the room will be set for a ceremony with up to 40 of our beautiful Chiavari chairs.  We’ll use the same ceremony as the Tie the Knot package.  Click here if you’d like to know more about our wedding ceremony. 
  • A two hour reception block for a total rental period of three hours.  Generally we factor 30 minutes for guest arrival, 30 minutes for the ceremony, and two hours to eat and celebrate with your closest friends and family. 
  • As the name suggests, Hors D’Oeuvres! Hors D’Oeuvres is a fancy word for appetizers.  You’ll pick your options with our wedding coordinator, but generally our spread consists of assorted small sandwiches, fruit and cheese trays with crackers, pasta salads, and other assorted finger food.  This option is not designed to be a full meal, but rather “munchies” that allow your guests to mingle and socialize instead of being tied down to a giant plate of food for 30 minutes.  This is priced per guest, and we would need your final guest count two weeks (at your planning meeting) before the wedding.   
  • Up to 40 guests Because of the size of our space, for receptions we cannot accommodate more than 40 guests including the bride and groom.  For ceremonies only we can do up to 50 guests, but once we factor in tables for receptions that number drops to 40.  We’re pretty strict about that number, so if you’re looking for a reception of more than 40 people, we’re sadly not the venue for you.
  • Music Our pedigree and parent company are DJs, so this is something we’ve got covered! We’ll have music playing as guests arrive, we can pick songs for you to walk down the aisle to and you can pick one of seven pre-made background dinner mixes as well as one of our upbeat dance mixes should you want to have a bit of dancing.  We’ll even play a first dance that you can share in front of your guests, should you like! Alternatively, you can bring your own music player (laptop, mp3, phone, etc) and plug into our system and YOU can be the DJ. *If you’d like to pick songs other than your first dance and ceremony music and have us play your custom mix, please note there is a $100 charge for us to prep your playlists.  
  • Tables and linens After the ceremony, we’ll do a quick flip of the room and change it from a ceremony layout to a banquet layout.  This includes up to 4 8′ rectangular tables with linens for your guests and a smaller table for the two of you known as a “sweetheart table.”  We’ll also have two other tables set up in an adjacent room for the hors d’oeuvres.
  • A wedding coordinator We’ll have our in-house wedding coordinator there the entire time to assist you in any way you need.  Need help bustling? We can do that.  Eyes a bit watery from the ceremony?  We’ll have tissues ready.  On top of that, our coordinator will execute the room transition from ceremony to reception and handle all aspects of the meal. 

What else can we add on?

  • Photography Our full-time professional photographer can capture your event from the ceremony until the last guest leaves! $350 for the first hour which would include your ceremony or $550 for the entire 3 hour event. See our photography page for more info!  Photography additional hours are $150/hour.
  • Additional Hours Should you like to rent our venue for more than three hours our facility is $95 an hour beyond 3 hours.  Please note that you would have to add extra hours in advance and we cannot accommodate requests for additional hours the day of the event.
  • Custom Music Requests While music is included in our standard pricing, we only allow you to pick three custom songs–the bridal processional, the recessional, and your first dance.  You can also pick playlists (like R&B for dinner) at no charge.  But if you’d like to pick dinner or dance songs for us to play, much like a ‘traditional DJ’ scenario, there is an additional charge of $100.  Alternatively, you can provide your own means of music (laptop, phone, mp3 player, etc) and use our house system free of charge. 

This sounds amazing! What’s the fine print and how do I book?

If you’d like to book us, here’s what you need to know. First, there’s a contract and deposit.  The easiest way for us to send everything to you is via email.  Use the Request For Information link to check availability and assuming we’re available for your selected date and time we’ll send you an electronic contract.  Once you digitally sign that we’ll then send you a link to our online planner where you can pay the $200 deposit with a credit or debit card.  And then you’re booked! 
As for fine print there are a couple of things we’re pretty strict about.  The first is your rental time.  Oftentimes we’ll have two or three events a day, especially on Saturdays, which means we cannot allow you into Zinnia before your allocated rental time.  We have a separate changing room/bridal prep area that has its own entrance, should the bride like to hide from guests until the ceremony starts.  
The second thing we’re strict about is outside photography. We keep our professional photography prices so low by keeping our photographers busy.  If you’d like to bring your own photographer, please note there is a $65 fee.  We define a professional photographer by anyone with a DSLR camera. 
And finally, the third thing we’re strict about is our 40 person MAX guest count.  Because our space is so intimate, we are limited in the amount of people that we can fit in our space.  And that’s 40 people.  Not 41, but 40. The Fire Marshall is also pretty strict about that as well.  And we’d like to stay on his good side, please.

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