$30 The Sit and Sign!

Also known as the “Married and out the Door in 60 Seconds or Less!”  You literally walk in to our office, hand us your IDs, your marriage license and $30. No ceremony, no questions and come as you are. It’s about as simple as it gets.

$30 That’s it!

Sit and Sign at ZinniaWe DO NOT accept walk-ins, as we are by appointment only. We ask that you contact us at least an hour before you plan to come to our office to make sure we have availability.  If you want to get married today, please text us, otherwise use our Request for Information form or email. Also, please wait for confirmation from one of our staff members at Zinnia before you head our way.
Why choose this option? Some people choose this that are looking to elope and they see no need or want for a formal ceremony, some choose this out of necessity (like if a fiance is in the Armed Forces and is being deployed), some choose this because they are on a budget. Whatever the reason, we don’t judge!  As we always like to say, Love is Love.  Come as you are and we’ll marry you right now!

Ready to get married at Zinnia? Contact us now!

The Request for Information form is the best way to reach us!  But if you’d prefer, you can directly email us @ hello@zinniaevents.com or text or call us at 614-726-1937

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